D- Splicer Pleissikirja moderneille köysille

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D- Splicer Pleissikirja moderneille köysille- Splicing Modern Ropes
Kuvallinen opas nykyköysien pleissauksesta. Oppaasta löydät yli 30 eri tapaa kuinka pleissata Polyester-, Dyneema-, ja Vectran köysiä
Splicing modern ropes Kirjan on kirjoittanut Jan-Willem Polman.

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Splicing modern ropes’ by Jan-Willem Polman is a practical handbook with over 30 different splicing instructions in high-res photos. Learn step-by-step how to splice an eye in a braided rope, whether the rope has a polyester core or a core of super fibers (e.g. Dyneema® or Vectran®) . Also how to optimize your boat by creating light-weight tapered sheets or splice in an extra cover for more durability or extra grip.

The book gives a great exposure of D-SPLICER splicing tools and shows how to use


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