Petrolux öljylamppu harjattu teräs

339,00 €
sis. alv
Petrolux , harjattu teräs, mattalasi
suunnittelija Peter Seidelin Jessen

Valovoimaisin myrskylyhty markkinoilla

kotiin, pihalle, veneeseen. Pöydälle tai roikkumaan
tehokas valon lähde, tuottaa 8w valotehoa ja noin 220w lämpötehoa palaessaan
korkeus 419mm, varjostimen halkaisija 240mm, paino 2 kg

lamppuöljy 0,42l, paloaika 16 h
mukana toimitetaan erillinen kiinnitys rengas pohjaan mikäli asennat roikkumaan

Petrolux, the oil lamp

Design: Peter Seidelin Jessen, 2007

The Petrolux is a modern appealing compact designed oil lamp spreading cosiness, light and warmth. Petrolux can be used as a hanging lamp or table lamp, in cabin or on deck use as you please.

Petrolux, a product of which we are especially proud, has been under way for quite some time.

It all started in Norway in the spring of 2004 when Peter Seidelin Jessen, the designer, was looking after the stand of Delite’s at the Boat Fair at Lillestrøm. As Peter noticed, quite a few visitors to the stand were expressing a desire for an oil lamp looking like a miner’s lamp, but emitting more light. Despite the designer’s care and effort a year passed without the lamp getting any closer than the drawing board - he wasn’t satisfied yet.

During the summer of 2005 a lamp shade was added, as he nourished the idea of developing a hanging lamp. The shade fulfills the good qualities of both the miner’s lamp as well as a suspended lamp: a tasteful shape and being able to reflect its light downwards, whether hanging from a boom or stood on a table. Petrolux may be moved freely about, and so enhancing the spell of a summer’s night!

3 years later, in the spring of 2007, Delite was able to introduce the Petrolux at the Boat Fair at Fredericia, Denmark.

The lamp is provided with a medium sized circular burner giving an excellent light. On top is a handle that never gets hot while the lamp is lit, because of a rather ingenious smoke bell. So, without burning your fingers you can move the lamp about where ever you wish. Filling the lamp up with oil is so easy. Take the lamp body apart, and you will see how much oil is needed. The opening is so wide making it as easy to fill her up as pouring a glass of milk! For sailors an important detail is the 6mm thread in the bottom making it possible to mount an eye for fixation of Petrolux when hanging in a cabin in rough weather.

As you see, a lot of care has gone into all details. To ensure that Petrolux is a durable and reliable lamp all parts, except the burner have been made of brushed stainless steel. The knob for adjusting the wick is adorned with a DELITE copper badge - our guarantee that you see a quality product before you!

Innovative details to be emphasized:
·The ingenious smoke bell system ensures that the handle never becomes hot. Thus it is possible to move Petrolux from the cabin and outside even when it is lit.
·This ingenious system also ensures that Petrolux can be hung/mounted directly under the roof/sealing.
·The ingeniously constructed balanced air-flow system ensures that Petrolux doesn’t blow out in windy weather. It is truly a genuine hurricane lantern.
·The circular burner has been fully integrated in the construction resulting in the classical neat, slim and simple Scandinavian design.
·The circular burner is integrated in the top half of the lamp-stem making the traditional gallery superfluous.
·Petrolux is easy to fill up with lamp oil. You simply unscrew the top half of the lamp-stem.
·A 6mm thread in the bottom makes it possible to mount an eye for fixation of Petrolux when hanging in a cabin in rough weather. Or for fixing on a table.
·An O-ring on the bottom edge of Petrolux stem protects the table surface when used as a table lamp or your head when Petrolux is hanging from the sealing!
Technical specifications:
·Material is brushed stainless steel
·10’’’ burner made of nickel-plated brass
·Volume of oil container 0,42 liters
·Burning time is approx. 16 hours
·Height 419 mm
·Diameter of shade 240 mm
·Weight about 2 kg!