McLube Hullkote Antifoul 473ml

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McLube Hullkote Antifoul 473ml

Antifoul Alternative Speed Polish

The Environmentally Friendly Antifoul Speed Polish for Everything Below the Waterline!

Antifoul Alternative combines McLube's same very fast, world-renowned proprietary formulation of our bonded PTFE suspension system with an entirely revolutionary citrus-based, long-lasting and high-gloss polish. The results have been quantifiable, by all accounts.

• High-gloss, citrus-based foul-release polish for everything below the waterline
• Prevents marine growth and slime from adhering for weeks
• Reduces drag and increases efficiency on both power and sail boats
• Easy to apply to any hull surface or underwater fitting
• Non-toxic, non-metallic, non-leaching
• Biodegradable
• Environmentally Friendly
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