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Scout KM-3A PV VHF RST Antenni 3 db 1,0 m

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Tuotekoodi: 7181-NVHF00012
Merkki: Scout
Hinta 49,00€sis. alv57,00 €
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Scout KM-3A PV VHF RST Antenni 3 db 1,0 m

The KM-3A antenna is developed for sailing boats. It combines lightness and flexibility due to the quality stainless steel whip. Its elegant style fits perfectly with the boat design. The antenna is supplied together with a stainless steel mounting bracket, that makes the installation quick and stable.
•Electropolished stainless steel whip
•Extra flexible
•SO 239 waterproof connector
•Mounting bracket supplied with the antenna

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